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Collaboration will help us through the winter

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In a week when both Facebook and iPhone have been infiltrated by yet another viral worm, one would think we would all be on a bit of a downer. In actuality, these bugs and hickups seem to draw us digital geeks closer together.

When the Internet entered out homes, it was a scary world, full of spam, hackers and new online threats. Today, it has become a world of collaboration, sharing and a vehicle for conversations to take place.

What always astounds me is others willingness to offer help and support in the digital world. Ask a question on Twitter and you will be overwhelmed with answers, ask for advice on LinkedIn and you will be inundated with support, ask what your friends are having for lunch on Facebook and you will find out about the best restaurants in your area.

The digital sphere is no longer associated with fear but with collabaration and honesty.

If you’ve been infected by one of the latest attacks, tell us about it. You’ll find a community at your fingertips ready to help you tweet your sorrows away.


Written by sociauxanswers

November 24, 2009 at 8:26 am