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Still waiting for the ultimate twitter iphone app

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This week I joined the wonderful club of iPhone owners. It’s enhanced my tube journey by watching others salivate in technologic jealousy but has also revolutionalised my Twitter profile.

Being a bit of a geek, for months I have been researching the ultimate Twitter iPhone app and sneekily having a quick test on my boyfriends handset.

Tweetdeck was straight out because, well it’s pants. Twifferiffic was all a bit too funky for me and a lot of the free apps were out as they frustratingly don’t allow for multiple accounts.

When the iPhone arrived, I was down to a shortlist of three; the highly respected Tweetie 2, the nifty free Echofon and the unexpectedly useful outsider, Twitbird.

A week later and the truth is I’m still using all three. Tweetie 2 is a must if I want to keep up with client profiles on the go but I’m just not willing to give up the quick access that Twitbird brings or the funky features of Echofon, such as fast photo uploading.

It seems, whilst there are some sexy options on offer, they all seem to be missing a trick. I don’t mind flicking between apps but look forward to a truly consolidated offering.


Written by sociauxanswers

November 21, 2009 at 10:36 am