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Are we over the iPhone

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Writing this post from my iPhone feels a little hypocritical. Being an iPhone junkie myself, I always assume others feel the same. The release of Twitter’s top trending topics for 2009 tells a different story.

Turn to the tech category and you will see a gaping hole in the list. The number one slot holds no surprises, with Google Wave stealing the show. But the shocker for me is the iPhone’s absence:

1. Google Wave
2. Snow Leopard
3. Tweetdeck
4. Windows 7
5. CES
6. Palm Pre
7. Google Latitude
8. #E3
9. #amazonfail
10. Macworld

With Palm Pre climbing to an impressive sixth place, the only conclusion I could draw is the light under the iPhone’s fire is beginning to dwindle.

The results may be a refection of the demographic of Twitter’s most prolific users. These early adopters will have been posting from their coveted Apple handsets for over a year and interest may have switched to newer models.

With Google’s Nexus One set to grace our palms in 2010, Apple may have some serious work to do to maintain its growth in iPhone sales.

Are you ready for a change of handset or will you remain loyal to the iPhone?


Written by sociauxanswers

December 16, 2009 at 8:13 am