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Not another list about lists

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When Twitter lists launched but a few weeks ago, we were inundated with with off the cuff opinions and a lot of advice on how to best use them. As a blogger, it’s important to stake your claim on an issue and quickly. However, I believe one should spend time testing a service before passing judgement. Then and only then can one properly advise on it’s best usage.

So, three weeks on and I think the fellows at Twitter deserve a pat on the back. It’s clear the application is being honed and developed on an ongoing basis – the addition of list discriptions this week was welcomed with open arms.

There are a few functionalities which are still glaringly missing. The ability to search within lists would be usefull and the navigation is a bit clumsy. Yet still, I’m impressed.

We all know by now what lists do so I won’t bore you with a descriptor. What I will share are my experiences.

Twitter lists have had a notible impact on my followers. I did not spend time creating endless lists of my own but rather, observed others behaviour and monitored the results. As I was added to more and more lists, my followers rocketed accordingly. Most notibly, when added by the lovely fellows at Frank PR, numbers jumped by 100 in the following hour.

This is something businesses could use to their advantage. From a marketing perspective, there’s no use building endless lists if no one is looking. However, politely asking to be added to others lists could spread the buzz surrounding your product or service to a far wider audience. And you can always return the favour as the followers flow in.


Written by sociauxanswers

November 19, 2009 at 7:18 pm