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Laura Gajewski sizes up Seesmic

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Guest blog from Laura Gajewski of PR Creator in celebration of Be My Guest Month

When I first joined twitter, I was happy with just the web version. I mean, it’s easy to use, simple, and you can customize it. What more could you want? Clearly, a lot more. As time went on I got more curious about the line below each post claiming where the tweet came from. Whether it was TweetDeck, Seesmic, Co Tweet or one of the many others, these Twitter platforms seemed just as popular as the Web version.

This past week I’ve been playing with Seesmic, the second most popular program. Now this application has two different ways to use it, Seesmic Look and Seesmic Web. I’m honestly having a hard time finding what’s different about Seesmic and what makes it better than the other options such as TweetDeck or Chromed Bird, etc.

Seesmic Look was my first stop. While this application is very pretty and almost reminiscent of Apple’s design with its bright colors and smooth lines, it fell short. It’s simply a window that is constantly open and quickly runs out of API calls (how many times it can get updates from Twitter). So, not only is it another application open on my task bar, but it isn’t always up-to-date. The print is also large, which I don’t see the point in, I’m not blind and neither are most Twitter users. It seemed a little too dumbed-down. There was some fun animation, but honestly, this doesn’t help me stay connected. I can’t see DM’s, mentions, searches or anything else in the same window.

Now turn to Seesmic Web. This is a little better. It’s a lot more like TweetDeck, with multiple columns and no fancy designs. Just cut and dry, which I liked much better. The only down side is that it’s a web page you have to have open all the time. It has columns and you can customize it so it’s more conducive to efficient monitoring.

Seesmic staff responded to this review, finding it on their own, and promised to take these things into consideration. That definitely wins them points in my book!

Personally, I’m a fan of TweetDeck. It made the easy transition into my work day. I can monitor my coverage and what others are thinking and saying quickly and easily. Only a few months into the Twitter world, TweetDeck makes my integration simple and even fun.

About Laura
Laura Gajewski is a PR professional working at a trade association in Alexandria, VA in the United States. She has a bachelor’s degree in public communication and a passion for writing and creating. You can find her blog about social media and public relations at


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March 10, 2010 at 3:29 pm