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Snaps for The Guardian

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The Guardian is doing something interesting. It’s always been an early adopter, which has shown the way for less digital savvy national newspapers – but this is clever.

The rise of social media has created micro networks of conversation. We ask a question of a company and we expect it to be answered by an individual, by someone nearby, by someone we know.

The Guardian is currently piloting the launch of a regional network of bloggers to interact with local networks and discuss local goings on with local people.

We no longer want a national giant, spewing fear across the country. We want a friend to share news that is relevant to us.

This all makes me think (unlike The Independent) The Guardian may survive the digital takeover.

There’s one flaw in the master plan. The pilot is taking place in Leeds. I’ve been there – it’s not great – all the poor blogger will have to talk about is the rather colourful dress sense of the local inhabitants.


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October 14, 2009 at 8:50 am

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