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If you’re a small company, perhaps you should be making sushi

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This evening, I made the rooky mistake of thinking sushi from Tesco would be a good idea. I truly did not believe sushi could taste like cardboard but, believe me, it is possible.

My instant reaction was to tweet to complain. I’ll damn well let them know about my taste experience and they will be sorry.

I patiently waited for my east bound tube, keen to start my campaign against all that is fishy. But then it dawned on me, I’m not going to get a response and I’m not going to stop you (or me) from wasting your wages on disapointment.

So, is there a point when an organisation becomes impenetrable by social media backlash?

Tesco is the Ryanair of our lunch menu. We sign up for what we get. We don’t pay for bells and whistles, nor do we expect it. And that transends to the social web.

Tescos has a surprisingly limited social media presence. The buzz is there – many others have had the misfortune of sampling the sushi – but the impact it has on the company is minute.

We all love to roll out the stat that 93 per cent of consumers expect an organisation to have a social media presence – it’s almost become a cliche -but this does tend to depend on the size of an organisation.

We expect Tesco to have an advertising campaign. It should have a PR budget. We would be shocked if it didn’t.

It’s the smaller budgets where we can really make a difference when it comes to social media. It’s the small company case studies that stand out – and for good reason.

Inovate beyond your size and you will get noticed. Social media presents a cost effective solution to this conundrum.

Perhaps all small companies should start making sushi.


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January 26, 2010 at 8:25 pm

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