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The Stephen Fry Experiment: Results and Reflections

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I would like to start this post by letting you know how much I respect certain people I follow on Twitter. There’s a part of me that hates singeling out individuals but in this instance I would like to offer some thanks to the people who I respect and have offered me inspiration: there are the high end gurus such as Guy Clapperton and Jeff Bulas, the professionals who deserve respect, Dirk The Cow and Unloveable Steve and peers who have helped me Volume Group and Very Good Service are just two.

The Stephen Fry experiment was for these people. As every social media experiment should, it was in the name of collaboration and learning. I enjoyed the banter that went on about Stephen Fry’s claims and I wanted to share an experiment with my friends.

I’ll own up now, it was supposed to be a bit of a joke for the croud with which I usually interact. I genuinly wanted to see what effect it would have and the strange humour of it all was not lost on all those I have mentioned above.

What I wasn’t prepared for was an actual response from Big Steve!

I had set a deadline to my experiment because clearly the impact would only last so long. On the last day I resorted to asking the man himself, quite frankly daft questions, for the entertainment factor this would give my normal followers.

When Steve replied it did not do the experiment justice but none the less, made my day. Unfortunate that he chose to reply to a question sent in banter but, hey, it’s Steve, loved it none the less.

What I didn’t expect was the response. My followers did not increase significantly but the traffic to my blog did. By around 500% in fact – and that has sustained far longer than two hours later.

This has been a little overwhelming. I have been interacting with my peers but suddenly thousands are looking.

The heavy majority of comments have been positive, from some that I know and some that I don’t but generally those who ‘get it’. There have been others that didn’t and have sent me negative comments.

For every 20 that have been lovely, I’ve had a mean or strange response. Those who have thousands of followers may be able to offer advice but I don’t have this experience. Therefore, I would like to apologise for responding to all the negative posts and perhaps not spending enough time thanking the majority of supporters.

I’ve loved the brief experiment and everything it has brought. Looking forward to continuing to collaborate and share our knowledge.


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November 27, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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The Stephen Fry Experiment

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A rumour did the rounds recently that, if Stephen Fry mentions you or retweets one of your posts on twitter, your followers will increase by 1000 per second for the following two hours. This sounds incredible to me and I would very much like to test the theory. However, first I’ll need your help to get Big Steve to mention me! Calling on all my followers to retweet this post, help Steve to take notice and get the experiment started.

5 Reasons Why Stephen Fry Should Retweet My Post

1 I work with up and coming social media companies
Stephen, if you want to get the lastest news from up and coming social media start ups like Twingly Channels, I can give you the inside scoop.

2 Its responsible to encourage up and coming bloggers
Support me and you will show up and coming bloggers why they should keep on writing and having conversations.

3 You might actually enjoy following me
I occasionally come up with words of wisdom! Others find my tweets mildly useful and sometimes entertaining. Look what you’re missing out on.

4 I’m likely to get noticed
Soon, my brilliance will be recognised. You’re could be in the position to say you knew me before I became a social media maven.

5 Come on, make my day
Truth is, we all think you’re pretty inspirational Stephen. With the push of a button you could make a young digital geek happy for weeks.

Stephen, I look forward to hearing from you.

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November 21, 2009 at 2:41 pm

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