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Just don’t turn up to the party empty handed

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Depending on the size and notoriety of a brand the appropriate social media strategy must differ greatly.

Smaller companies are focused on creating a presence, developing an authoritative voice and SEO, SEO, SEO.

When it comes to larger companies, it’s more about managing the existing buzz, guiding and interacting with networks.

The constant between the two is the need to monitor and evaluate these conversations. There are numerous free and paid for tools to aid this task. They can tell you who’s tweeted when and who’s blogged about what.

The sticking point is closed networks, such as Facebook and some forums. These are the virtual living rooms where consumers feel comfortable to voice their true opinions and therefore are a valuable resource.

Machines have no place in closed networks so this leaves us with two options: either revert back to the ideals of social media and go in yourself, open handed, with transparency and honesty, or create a forum to let the people come to you.

Actually, why not do both?

When representing a brand, we need to be there no matter how the consumer wishes to communicate with us – be that through a Facebook group, a tweet or a message on a paper aeroplane.


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October 20, 2009 at 8:38 am

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