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Review of Apple iPad: For girls only

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If you are reading this, your legs are probably aching as much as mine. After an afternoon of jiggling in excited anticipation of the new Apple tablet, our desires have finally been quenched. The latest Apple atom bomb to explode into our lives is the Apple iPad.

A select few have been chosen to review Apple’s technological innovation. Unfortunately I am not one of them. What I can do is make my recommendations based on what we have already seen – how damn pretty it is.

Apple’s ability to transform the functional into the beautiful has excelled in the iPad. The striking lines give a nod to the nouveux modern while the siloette echos an archetectural theme. The slight glisten across the tablet gives rise to an almost camp, certainly playful, design concept, yet has a clear, autoratitive, perhaps Victoriana, presence.

The motive clearly takes inspiration from Dior, bringing light and just a hit of fun to the display, yet also nods to Balenceaga and Chloe in it’s overall form.

Next season we hope to see a broader colour pallet introduced in to the range – a must for Spring.


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January 27, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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