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Did Klout just get a lot more Klout?

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Hootsuite, the somewhat underrated social media management tool, had a major revamp last week. The most significant addition was the ability to manage your followers in a more effective and efficient way. Users can now flit effortlessly between Twitter accounts and view changes in follower numbers, easing the decision of who to follow back and when.

A large part of this development was the addition of Klout influencer scores to each of your followers. Your Klout score is determined by cross referencing a number of factors, including number of followers, type of posts and tweets shared, to give you an overall influence score.

This can be mighty useful when trying to decide who is worthy of a follow back and who we may be able to learn from. Hootsuite’s recognition of the power of Klout has itself added more credibility to the Klout ranking system.

But can we measure influencer levels based on an automated system? Take a look at your own profile and you will often find tweeps who you respect with a lower ranking than you. The ultimate downfall of the system is it’s inability to recognise the influence of people’s roles in the real world on their Twitter pull power. Respected in the real world and it may only take a tweet a day to satisfy your followers thirst for interaction.

Regardless of the flaws, any tool that streamlines the Twitter management process has it’s benefits and Klout offers a comprehensive glance at what you could expect from a potential Twitter connection. This becomes particularly helpful when coping with large numbers of followers or managing multiple accounts.

If you’re not sure of your Klout score, you can register at Remember to update your Klout account regularly to make the most of your profile and track your own development.


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February 23, 2010 at 7:48 am

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