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Why do we still want to kill Bill?

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This weekend, I wrote an impassioned post about the atrocity that is Bing. Naturally, I attributed its many flaws and failings to Mr Gates. Perhaps I should feel bad about blaming someone likely to have no involvement but it has become customary to indulge in a bit of Bill bashing on a Saturday afternoon. It’s not so much the man himself but the legacy he has left.

There is no doubt Microsoft is morally dubious but Bill is pretty damn ideologically sound. The Bill and Melinda Foundation has made the couple the second most generous philanthropists in America, having donated over $28 billion to charity.

So, what’s the beef with Bill?

In the time it takes for Mr Gates to tie his shoe laces in the morning, he has made $1,000. Now, that gets my goat. The man makes $20 million a day – that’s $7.8 billion a year. Yep, I hate him.

Ultimately, contributions to technological advances and good deeds only stretch so far when the green eyed monster is in the room.

Whatever the man does, jealousy will always make us want to kill Bill.


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August 24, 2009 at 6:23 pm

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