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Building consumer trust location by location

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Location, location, location is the hot topic for 2010. Targeting by location enables you to build communities of customers, build customer loyalty, provide tailored offers or promotions and ultimately become more efficient and cost effective. We all know consumers trust those companies they have relationships with and those who are local, but some people find it difficult to build these relationships.

By interacting with your customers using social media it is possible to build loyalty and develop a better understanding of the needs of your audience. Segmenting these relationships by location enables you to hone the conversations you are having and make them more relevant to your customer’s needs. There are numerous platforms you can use to facilitate this, but there are some bases you should cover immediately:

When the digital atom bomb that is Google explodes into a new sector, it’s clear it’s time to sit up and take notice. Google has recently made several waves in the location arena, including the launch of Google Latitude, which tracks the location of searches and Google local search, which provides tailored search results based on your location. Google is also incorporating geotagging Google Buzz.

Twitter has become more sophisticated recently when it comes to geotagging. It is now possible to pull up location-based information from individual tweets on the microblogging website. Twitter also recently developed the facility to search and view trending facilities by location. There are some clever tools you can use to make it easier to build communities by location on Twitter, including TwellowHood, a directory enabling you to cross reference users by location and interest, TwitterLocal, which allows you to search by area, Nearby Tweets, does what it says on the tin and, gives trending data based on location.

iPhones, Blackberries and the evolution of the mobile have had a huge impact on both social media and location-based networking. There are numerous social networks now purely based on location, including Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Brightkite and Yelp. With over half a million users, 1.4 million venues and 15.5 million ‘checkins’, Foursquare currently holds the crown as the most used location-based networking app.

Foursquare enables users to check in at different locations and compete to win points, badges and mayorships based on activity. Companies can make offers to users when they are nearby their business or organisation, offer special bonuses to the mayor and even create bespoke badges for customer to compete to win. Users can also leave reviews for their friends at different venues giving you great access to customer feedback.

Taking relationships out of social media into the real world should be your ultimate goal. Organised tweetups provide an opportunity to build on the communities you have grown online and have face-to-face time with your customers. If you’re not confident enough to organise your own tweetup, there will be existing tweetups taking place you can attend. gives you instant access to a list of tweetups going on in your area.

Before you start interacting with customers through social media portals it’s important you take a step back and review which portals are going to be right for your organisation based on where your customers are. Once you have determined your goals, you can then go on to build a presence. You should customise the portals to your needs and ensure you give compelling promotions and offers to your customers – but remember, the key to social media success is having conversations and building relationships first.

As your campaign grows, it’s imperative you track everything and be prepared to adapt as your customer base grows and changes. Be honest and transparent about your intentions at all times to ensure you retain consumer trust.

Lastly, don’t be put off by recent well publicised concerns about encouraging your customers to share their location. It’s important to apply some common sense and explain to anyone with concerns that they will not get robbed just because they share their location!


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March 30, 2010 at 10:26 am

Networking made simple with TweetsAR

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Every now and again you see something that harnesses existing technology to create something truly spectacular. This weekend I discovered the iPhone app, TweetsAR, which does exactly that.

The introduction of location based Twitter updates caused quite a stir. There were obviously those who recoiled with fear, Big Brother style, and those who were excited at the potential this presents – from both an end user perspective and possible business use.

TweetsAR transforms the function into a user-friendly application that brings Twitter updates in to the real world. Nearby users appear as though they are floating around you when viewed through the handset. Point it at your fireplace and you will see your neighbours updating their status three doors down. Lay it down flat and you can see nearby users on a virtual map.

This may be viewed as a gimmick but there are also some genuinely functional uses to the service. Switch on the app at a networking event and you will have an instant window to who is in the room. This ability to connect with likeminded individuals is in the true spirit of Twitter. As the festive event season begins, there will be endless opportunities to put this to the test.

If nothing else, it will put a stop to the classic ‘I’ve met you before but can’t remember your name’ dilemma!

Update 2/12/09: I’ve since discovered an equally superb app called Twitter 360 which I would also highly recommend.

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November 30, 2009 at 10:45 am


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Facebook users are now able to update their Twitter profile in sync with their Facebook status. Err… is it just me or has this application existed for, oh, about a year?

I personally saw the announcement on Mashable but I assume this was Facebook propaganda.

In other news to hit the headlines this week – Twitter vs Facebook in the real time search war. Now, Twitter has offered this facility for some time and it is an integral part of its business model. Every event or trip to the toilet is now given its own #tag. However, I’m pushed to believe Facebook has innovated in this way in order to retaliate. Is it not the next logical step to improve user experience?

I digress. So, why would you want to update your Twitter and Facebook status at the same time? You don’t. Ease of use? Maybe. Sensible? No.

Even for those who use social networking portals purely for keeping up with news of school friends’ divorce, it’s clear Twitter and Facebook serve different purposes. Twitter is for the egomaniac inside us all. Once I have written this I will post it on Twitter, I will tell everyone how brilliant I am, then I will repost anything anyone has written about my post just to emphasise how much everyone likes me. On Facebook, I will tell my friends what I had for breakfast.

I get the point. Facebook is saying Twitter is just one long Facebook status newsfeed and is therefore redundant (Mashable’s view on their collaboration was rosy but wrong). Except, it’s not.

This is highlighted when using social media to promote a brand. On Facebook, one should be tactful, build a group of likeminded individuals, then subtly, nicely, ask if they wouldn’t mind buying your product. On Twitter modesty goes out the window. And that’s ok. As long as it comes with knowledge and transparency, it’s fine. If Facebook is the press release then Twitter is the advertising slogan.

If you know what’s good for you, you will run along and delete the application. And you can stop tweeting about Twitter. It’s getting on my nerves.

Written by sociauxanswers

August 22, 2009 at 8:37 am