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Not quite twittelating enough

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Oh how times change in the fast paced world of social media. Last year, after finally getting my hands on my, now much loved, iPhone, I wrote a post based on a thorough test of the iPhone Twitter apps on the market. Looking back on my posts for 2009 I found my handset now tells a different story.

The Twitter apps on offer have evolved dramatically in the past few months but to me there’s still no one stop shop that meets all our tweeting needs. For anyone feeling unfulfilled by their current app, I recommend a combination of three to fully quench your thirst for 140 characters.

My all time favourite has to be Twittelator Pro, for the ease and scope of posting. No other app I’ve found allows you to post images, video, audio, geo tagging and even emoticons in one tweet. There are other nifty functionalities which ease use such as the ability to reply all and save messages to tweet later. The app also supports Twitter lists – useful for those who follow big numbers but like to monitor a select few more closely.

It may be damn clever but Twittelator Pro is still missing a few elements, for which I use two other apps in tandem.

Hootsuite, my all time favourite Twitter app on the desktop offers the ability to schedule tweets in advance – a must have for those managing multiple accounts.

Boxcar completes the package with push notifications – it’s mindboggling that Twittelator Pro has not caught on to this.

So months later yet still no complete offering. The market may be awash with products but there could still be a gap for an app that truly understands the extent of a Twitter addicts needs.


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January 25, 2010 at 6:39 pm

Networking made simple with TweetsAR

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Every now and again you see something that harnesses existing technology to create something truly spectacular. This weekend I discovered the iPhone app, TweetsAR, which does exactly that.

The introduction of location based Twitter updates caused quite a stir. There were obviously those who recoiled with fear, Big Brother style, and those who were excited at the potential this presents – from both an end user perspective and possible business use.

TweetsAR transforms the function into a user-friendly application that brings Twitter updates in to the real world. Nearby users appear as though they are floating around you when viewed through the handset. Point it at your fireplace and you will see your neighbours updating their status three doors down. Lay it down flat and you can see nearby users on a virtual map.

This may be viewed as a gimmick but there are also some genuinely functional uses to the service. Switch on the app at a networking event and you will have an instant window to who is in the room. This ability to connect with likeminded individuals is in the true spirit of Twitter. As the festive event season begins, there will be endless opportunities to put this to the test.

If nothing else, it will put a stop to the classic ‘I’ve met you before but can’t remember your name’ dilemma!

Update 2/12/09: I’ve since discovered an equally superb app called Twitter 360 which I would also highly recommend.

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November 30, 2009 at 10:45 am

Still waiting for the ultimate twitter iphone app

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This week I joined the wonderful club of iPhone owners. It’s enhanced my tube journey by watching others salivate in technologic jealousy but has also revolutionalised my Twitter profile.

Being a bit of a geek, for months I have been researching the ultimate Twitter iPhone app and sneekily having a quick test on my boyfriends handset.

Tweetdeck was straight out because, well it’s pants. Twifferiffic was all a bit too funky for me and a lot of the free apps were out as they frustratingly don’t allow for multiple accounts.

When the iPhone arrived, I was down to a shortlist of three; the highly respected Tweetie 2, the nifty free Echofon and the unexpectedly useful outsider, Twitbird.

A week later and the truth is I’m still using all three. Tweetie 2 is a must if I want to keep up with client profiles on the go but I’m just not willing to give up the quick access that Twitbird brings or the funky features of Echofon, such as fast photo uploading.

It seems, whilst there are some sexy options on offer, they all seem to be missing a trick. I don’t mind flicking between apps but look forward to a truly consolidated offering.

Written by sociauxanswers

November 21, 2009 at 10:36 am