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Help! Space Monkey hates my t-shirt!

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There are some influential bloggers out there who people listen to. There are even some who I listen to. But there are also some who only write for their mother’s benefit.

What it’s important to reassure clients is, no one cares about Jim-Bob in his bedroom who only has three followers. Alright, one day Jim-Bob might develop a niche, but then and only then do we need to take him out for dinner and pat him on the back.

Cut off and fuck off curveIf the blogosphere were a big sliding curve, from Mr Influential to Mr No Mates, every brand needs to have a ‘cut off and f**k off’ point.

We can’t give tailored responses to everyone, so let’s make sure those with a voice get a damn good answer.

Bigger budgets might mean different cut off points but no matter how much cast you have to splash, that point will come.

Who cares if Space Monkey hates your t-shirt? I love it.


Written by sociauxanswers

October 20, 2009 at 10:00 am

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